Key Properties

  • Meets IPC4101/40 and /41 description and specification
      • Pure polyimide, no secondary resin
      • No epoxy added, blended or reacted
  • Best-in-Class thermal properties
      •  Tg=> 250°C
      •  Decomposition temperature >407°C
      • T300>60 min.
  • Low Z-axis expansion
      • 1.2% between 50-260°C (vs. 2.5-4.0% for typical high-performance epoxies)
      • Minimizes the risk of latent PTH defects caused during solder reflow and device attachment.
  • Decomposition temperature of 407°C, compared with 300-360°C for typical high-performance epoxies, offering outstanding long-term high-temperature performance. 
      • Toughened chemistry resists resin fracturing
      • Halogen-free chemistry
      • Compatible with lead-free processing
      • RoHS/WEEE compliant