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Service Model


Insulectro’s relentless pursuit of exceptional customer service has led us to the development of our service model. It is a combination of strategic partnerships, customer service taken to a new level and technological advancements that offers our customers a competitive advantage in the printed circuit board industry.


Strategic Partnerships


As part of Insulectro’s effort to reduce costs in the supply chain, we have developed strategic partnerships with major manufacturers of raw materials in the industry. Together we are committed to providing our mutual end-customers with opportunities for reductions in cost and increased efficiencies in ordering and purchasing materials.


Technological Advances


Our Service Model offers our customers the capability to manage their inventory and purchasing function electronically and via the Web through the ePredator system. Our customers can create personalized order templates, place orders, track their order status in real time, view product catalogs, and manage their accounts payable online from their desktop, anytime and at their convenience.  Insulectro is able to provide our customers with increased customer service by offering them convenience and efficiency.


Competitive Advantage


Our ability to provide the customer with tools to manage their inventory and purchasing function allows them to reduce costs by reducing waste in the supply chain.   The inventory of prepreg, laminate, drilling entry and backup, CAC, dry film photoresist and chemistries allow our customers to save hundreds of thousands of dollars less in inventory.  In a competitive environment that type of working capital saving is a game changer.


Fast Delivery


Our industry is built on a model of strict timing across the whole supply chain. Customers expect rapid, accurate delivery as their business depends on it. More and more customers take advantage of our Same Day and Next Day Delivery Options.


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