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Everything around us seems to be accelerating at an increasing, unrelenting pace. Technology has changed everything. Real time and immediate access to information has proven to be transformative in the way we consume information, communicate to our family, friends, and associates.

It has changed the geopolitical landscape around the world. It has reset the expectation for how quickly we are expected to react and respond.

Our industry is positioned in the center of this technological phenomenon. New developments in Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) manufacturing processes are everywhere –new substrates, resins formulations, glass-cloth, copper foils, and glass-free builds.

Why the demand for these new breakthrough products? They make things faster. They all allow brand new designs to run with greater speed.

It is our responsibility to adapt to change, create tools, evolve our culture, and – ultimately – find increased ways to respond to the needs of our customers.

The world of engineered materials is growing in complexity. Today is about mixed laminates, sequential lamination cycles, glass-style and copper foils that impact dielectric constants and loss.

We are adapting and expanding our capabilities to deal with this increasing complexity. We work closely with our suppliers and customers to improve existing products and execution to launch vital, new technologies, products, and services. Our focus is the future.

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