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LCOA Announces Conformat Conformal Drill Layer at APEX

February 19, 2015


LCOA (Laminating Company of America) a leading manufacturer of backup and entry materials used in the fabrication of printed circuit boards has announced a new conformal product compatible with its PCB line of “backup” materials.


Conformat, manufactured in the USA, by industry leader LCOA, joins a family of revolutionary backup and entry products that are the mainstay in today’s drill rooms of leading PCB fabricators. Other drill backup offerings include SlickBack® lubricated backup, Spectrum Gold Plus,  StarBoard, and melamine backup.


“Conformat will conform to low or thin areas on a panel that would have significant burring on the exit side of the panel, requiring time consuming rework and possible scrap due to damaging the drilled hole,” commented Paul St. John, LCOA Director of International Sales.


“It’s a conformal drill sheet that can shape itself to various topographies that may be present in a multilayer or rigid flex PCB, “ St. John continued.


Conformat demos and further information will available in Insulectro’s Booth 2033 at IPC APEX EXPO February 23 through 25 at the San Diego Convention Center. Insulectro distributes LCOA products in North America.


LCOA President Patrick Redfern stated, “Conformat is used on top of conventional back-up. It is shaped to the PCB in a press during a step prior to drilling. It will reduce or eliminate many of the burrs related to this non-flat problem on flex, rigid-flex, and rigid boards.


“Part of LCOA’s mission is to continually look at ways to improve our customers’ drill room operations. We bring high performance materials to them that help to reduce total drill room costs,” Redfern continued.


LCOA (Laminating Company of America) designs, develops, and manufactures precision quality backup and entry solutions used in the manufacturing of printed circuits boards (PCBs).


Its primary markets are printed circuit fabricators and contract manufacturers where its products are used in the production of PCBs that go into wireless, telecommunication, Internet infrastructure hardware, medical devices, plus military and aerospace equipment.


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